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Take a walk every day… even for 10 minutes

I have seen a trend and believe you?re focusing on the wrong thing. I do not believe the solution lies in education. Telling people they shouldn?t eat sugar for the 1000th time or that they should exercise or ?get after it? is not working. The disturbing increase in obesity is proof enough. I cannot walk by a fast food joint at lunch without seeing a line up out the door of teenage kids knocking back pizza or a hamburger. Parents still feed their kids shit and I still get told daily by people that they wish they could eat better or exercise more or hurt less. So why aren?t they?

Do you really think pumping them with your opinion on the latest diet or bouncing back and forth on negligible details like whether eggs are good or bad for you are helping? In the great scheme of things eggs are good. There, now don?t ever talk about it again. Focus on what matters. If you don?t eat a heaping plate of veggies and exercise daily don?t worry about both the physical and metaphorical egg.
So to all fitness professionals I ask you what happens when you interact with the outside world? Can you have a conversation without somebody asking your advice on diet X or Y or workout plan Z?
Am I wrong in saying that the majority of people already know what they should do to get healthy. It?s not rocket science:

1. Eat vegetables (a lot of them)
2. Exercise (you don?t have to kill yourself, just make a couple minutes each day to keep active. I DON?T CARE WHAT YOU DO. JUST MOVE)
3.Keep starchy carbs to a minimum.
4. The more nutrient dense foods the better.
5. Whole foods before supplements. ALWAYS. Supplements are just that, a supplement.

Is there a better way to do things? Probably but who gives a shit. You are paralyzing people by over-analyzing and getting over excited at every trend. Fitness professionals are at fault here, not the other way around. Over the past 2 years I have been to 20+ conferences, seminars, and workshops. The trend is always the same. The empirical and research-based information gets pushed to the side as fitness professionals play with the new toys or debate whether paleo, intermittent fasting, carb backloading or whatever trend is in vogue at the time is better.

Whoever yells the loudest gets heard. Facts are not checked. Research is cherry-picked. And false conclusions are reached. None of these things are bad but who needs them? Get people to move and eat a decent diet first.
Who are you debating with? Who are you helping? If somebody cares enough to debate over the internet on any of these subjects they have already made up their mind. Even if you prove them wrong they won?t admit it. They have had results with whatever their debating and it?s become a part of them. The minute you try to open their minds they experience cognitive dissonance and become more pushed to protect whatever they believe in.
In actuality what you?re doing is confusing the people who really need help. So do what you do and research what you research but please recognize that most people don?t need a fraction of what you know.


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